Dan Adkins

The Down To The Stars illustration below is the first piece
of original art I purchased, I paid $15. for it, that was in 1968!
Several years later I was manning a table at a Seuling show in
New York and who sits down next to me but Dan Adkins! I
described the drawing to him and he remembered it well and
told me it was the splash panel for a proposed story that never
went any further and that he had sold it at the World Science
Fiction Convention in 1965 or 66 for $5...I love it and it's
been hanging in my house for over 40 years

Adkins caught a lot of flack from the fans in the 1960's for
all the swipes he used in his drawings...as he notes in his short
article from Comic Crusader #8 (1969) plenty of artists do it
but I think his problem was that he copied source material that
the comic collectors recognized easily! This isn't a dig at Adkins
as I really enjoy his art but I always found it interesting and
I thought others might also!

Sci-Fi Digest Illustrations ~ 1960's


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