Wally Wood
1927 ~ 1981

Galaxy Science Fiction
From 1957 thru 1969 Wood contributed over 170 interior
illustrations and 6 covers to Galaxy! Here are the covers
and a bunch of illos from 1957-59! This is the art that
Wood was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1959 & 1960...
he lost out to Kelly Freas and Ed Emshwiller. Many of
the illos Wood did for Galaxy are double page spreads
and are impossible to scan unless you dismantle the magazine
as the art goes deep into the gutter...this is was I was able to get
without destroying the magazines!

The Wally Wood Art Table
A short story...a couple of years ago good friend and long time
collector of Wally Wood art Roger Hill was coming out for one
of his periodic visits, once here he told me had tracked down
Wally Wood's art table and he hoped to purchase it and just
happened to be in the town I reside in here in Connecticut!
Once hearing the address I knew exactly where it was as when
I was in high school , those many years ago, a good friend lived
on this road! The next day he called up the fellow that owned
the table and we made arrangements to go up to take a look! It
just happened to be Wood's former assistant Paul Kirchner that
had it! Wood had given the table to Kirchner in 1980 when Wood
moved from Westville, Ct to Baldwinsville, NY and had decided he
wouldn't be taking the table with him! We had a nice visit with
Paul, and Roger ended up buying the table! It was a heck-of-a thing
to package up for shipment out to Wichita! Here's a couple of
photos of Roger sitting at the table and Paul standing by it! The
really weird thing is that the house Paul lives in is the house
my friend had lived in back in the 60's and I hadn't set foot in
it for over 35 years...it really is a small world! Oh yeah, that
art sitting on the table is the original Wood cover to
Weird Science #9 that Roger had brought out for show and tell!


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