Leigh Brackett
1915 ~ 1978

Brackett is one of my favorite writers! Known to many for her
screenplays to the Howard Hawks films The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo,
Hatari, El Dorado and Rio Lobo but she began her career writing for the
pulps! Her stories are among the best! All in all she wrote several
dozen short stories and about twelve novels, specializing in character
driven science fiction stories taking place in beautifully described locals!
I especially admire those tales taking place on the water starved planet
of Mars featuring her favorite character Eric John Stark!
The Skaith Trilogy, that featured Stark, is one of the last stories she wrote
a personal favorite

Cover art by Allen Anderson, Ed Emshwiller, Jeff Jones,
Jim Steranko, Kelly Freas, Boris and others!

Brackett was the ghost-writer on this Inner Sanctum novel!


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