Roy G. Krenkel & Michael Wm Kaluta

The Green Star Novels by Lin Carter
Published by Daw Books 1974-75

By the Light of the Green Star is stricktly Roy but the interiors for
As The Green Star Rises are inked by Michael! I've owned several of
these originals and they are done on vellum and there isn't a hint of
a pencil mark on them so it appears that Kaluta lightboxed
Krenkel's pencil drawings...I've been told that he wanted to keep
the original drawings by Roy intact! It was a year or two after these
books were published I talked with Roy for the last time and I'll
never forget his ironic bittersweet comments on how all the art editors
he was in contact with wanted him to draw like Kaluta!
Thankfully Kaluta has carried on the tradition of pen & ink art that
Roy Krenkel would be incredibly proud of!


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