What better way to start the New Year than with pictures
of some very beautiful women!

(A tip of the hat to Joe Bloke for the concept of the Fit Bird Primer)

A is for Adrianna, Alessandra, Alexa, Alicia,
Ali, Ashley and Asia
B is for Betty and Brigitte
C is for Carla, Caroline, Carrie & Charlize
D is for Dana, Delores and Doutzen
E is for Elizabeth, Eliza, Ella, Emanuelle & Estella
F is for Famke and Fay
G is for Giorgia, two Graces and Greta
H is for Heather and Heidi
I is for Ida and Inger
J is for Jamie, Janet, Jennifer, Jessica, Joan,
Jolene, Julianna and two Julies
K is for a couple of Kates, Keira & Kristen
L is for Laura, Lesley Anne, Louise, Lucy & Lena
M is for Maggie, Malin, Marlene, Mathilda, Megan,
Michelle, Mila, Milla, Mitzi, Molly & Monica
N is for Naomi, Natalie, Natasha & Norma
O is for Olga and Olivia
P is for a couple of Pipers
Q is for Qi
R is for Rachael, Rachel, Radha, 2 Rebeccas & Rhona
S is for Sarah, Stephanie & Summer
T is for Thelma, Thora, Tina & Tori
U is for Ursula
V is for Verushka & Vivien
W is for Winona
X is for Xun
Y is for two Yvonnes
Z is for Zoe
draging my canoe behind me

Calendar collectors remember you can use calendars from
1955, 1966, 1977, 1983 and 1994 for this year of 2011!


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