I'll Be Damned ~ #2 & #3

Art by Kenneth Smith, Steve Hickman, Robert Kline,
Dan Adkins, Berni Wrightson, Tom Sutton,
Frank Brunner & Gray Morrow

Cover & contents page art by Kenneth Smith

Art by Seve Hickman, Robert Kline
and Dan Adkins

Berni Wrightson ~ EC Tibute Strip

Kenneth Smith back cover

Berni Wrightson Cover #3

Berni Wrightson ~ Frankenstein inside front cover!

Pilgrim ~ story & art Tom Sutton

Frank Brunner

Gray Morrow ~ El Diablo

Artwork by Berni Wrightson

(Intended for the 3rd issue of Web of Horror)

Inside back cover illustration by Tom Sutton

Back cover illustration by Frank Brunner


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