Basically Strange #1 ~ December/1982

One of those odd-ball 1-shot publications from the early 1980's!
Mostly reprints from the Red Circle line of comics from the 1970's
but some very nice never before printed art!

Art by Richard Corben, Alex Toth, Rick Bryant,
Vincente Alcazar,Wally Wood, Frank Thorne & Bruce Jones

Cover art by Richard Corben

Story by Marvin Channing ~ Art by Alex Toth
(Originally Red Circle Sorcery #8 ~ August/1974)

Story by Tim Ryan ~ Art by Rick Bryant

Story by T. Casey Brennan ~ Art by Vincente Alcazar
(Originally Red Circle Sorcery #7 ~ June/1974)

Story & art Wally Wood
(Originally Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest #2 ~ 1979)

Story by Marvin channing ~ Art by Frank Thorne
(Originally Red Circle Sorcery #10 ~ Dec/1974)

Story & art by Bruce Jones


Daniel Young said...

What a gem of a site. I've been so entertained by revisits to memories and art from artists I know but never saw these samples, that I don't even remember how I first linked to it. I thought I'd linked to you from THOIA but looking back at my history, it looks like I just made a random search for comics on the web. Has anyone visited the Comics Archive? A lot of pre-code stuff by most of the major players but some really obscure stuff as well.
Anyway, thanks again for this site. I notice the last date anything was uploaded was in 2011 so I don't think this will reach anyone. But I hope it does. This is a real treat to folks like me and it is appreciated.

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